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Visual Odometry Types


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There are fundamental differences between the problems of Visual Odometry and Visual SLAM (Self-localization and Mapping) in terms of the scope and applicability.

Some noteworthy points in this regard are that :

  • VO only aims to solve the local consistency of the trajectory
  • SLAM aims to solve the global consistency of the trajectory and of the map
  • VO can be used as a building block of SLAM
  • VO is SLAM before closing the loop.

Modified 2019-01-07 by pravishsainath

  • Monocular
  • Stereo

  • Perspective
  • Spherical
  • Omnidirectional (360Β° FOV)
  • Time of Flight
  • RGB-D

  • Online
  • Offline

  • Geometry-based
  • Learning-based
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