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H.¬†Choset, W.¬†Burgard, S.¬†Hutchinson, G.¬†Kantor, L.¬†E. Kavraki, K.¬†Lynch, and S.¬†Thrun. Principles of robot motion: Theory, agorithms, and implementation. MIT Press, June 2005. ¬†¬† Steven¬†M. LaValle. Planning Algorithms. Cambridge University Press, New York, NY, USA, 2006. ¬†¬† M.¬†Miskowicz. Event-Based Control and Signal Processing. Embedded Systems. CRC Press, 2015. ¬†¬† http¬† Karl¬†J. Astr√∂m. Event Based Control, pages 127‚Äď147. Springer Berlin Heidelberg, Berlin, Heidelberg, 2008. ¬†¬† DOI¬† http¬†
Summary. In spite of the success of traditional sampled-data theory in computer control it has some disadvantages particularly for distributed, asynchronous, and multi-rate system. Event based sampling is an alternative which is explored in this paper. A simple example illustrates the differences between periodic and event based sampling. The architecture of a general structure for event based control is presented. The key elements are an event detector, an observer, and a control signal generator, which can be regarded as a generalized data-hold. Relations to nonlinear systems are discussed. Design of an event based controller is illustrated for a simple model of a micro-mechanical accelerometer.
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